Some of our Favorite Birding Resources

Traditional Field Guides (printed)

Birding ID Apps

Specialized Birding Apps

  • BirdsEye – reports which birds are being seen in your local area

  • Bird Codes – provides 4-letter codes for AOU bird species, useful in recording and reporting sightings

  • eBird Mobile - store & report observations in the field

Audio guides to ID birds by song

Other Aids
  • Home page provides gateway to numerous online guides, sound    recording archives, articles, bird cams, photo-sharing and ongoing  scientific efforts in the birding world.

All About Birds

  • An online and searchable guide to birds and bird watching, including ID tips, sound and video
eBird North America
  • Their database for tracking and logging sightings
Project Feeder Watch
  • Provides backyard bird ID resources and encourages citizen tracking of winter feeder activity
The Warbler Guide
  • At-a-glance warbler pages

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, in Duluth, MN

  • A major site for observation of raptor migration in the U.S.
  • Provides raptor ID information and conducts research – 
  • Helpful guide to raptors in flight: Raptor ID brochure
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service guide to the flight feathers of North American birds.