Some of our Favorite Birding Resources

Traditional Field Guides (printed)

Birding ID Apps

Specialized Birding Apps

  • BirdLog North America -- for tracking and logging sightings

  • BirdsEye – reports which birds are being seen in your local area

  • Bird Codes – provides 4-letter codes for AOU bird species, useful in recording and reporting sightings

Audio guides to ID birds by song

Other Aids
  • Home page provides gateway to numerous online guides, sound    recording archives, articles, bird cams, photo-sharing and ongoing  scientific efforts in the birding world:

  •         All About Birds

            An online and searchable guide to birds and bird watching,                          including ID tips, sound and video

            Their database for tracking and logging sightings

            Provides backyard bird ID resources and encourages citizen 
            tracking of winter feeder activity

            The Warbler Guide
            At-a-glance warbler pages

    Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, in Duluth, MN

  • A major site for observation of raptor migration in the U.S.
  • Provides raptor ID information and conducts research – 
  • Helpful guide to raptors in flight: Raptor ID brochure
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service guide to the flight feathers of       North American birds.

  • Eagle Optics
  • club supporter and local Wisconsin manufacturer of high quality binoculars. Fantastic customer service - ask us about them.